Day: November 26, 2017

26 Nov -

Special games at William Hill Bingo

The new William Hill of the 2014 season program sees € ™ s add some novelty to the calendar already full devoted to bingo.

William Hill Bingo is available every day in the dining room from 18 to 19 on the BHotel lobby.

The Aperitif games were designed for those who are just starting out in the Bingo Games and to have economic folders that you can buy with only 5 cents, and that does not take away the chance to win the Gold Jackpot.

Itâ € ™ import remind you that in the case of the match malfunction or technical problem, the ticket will be canceled and all funds will be returned to the players who have bought them.

Please note that the BHotel room of the William Hill looks like the more traditional and is suitable for players who prefer to play without haste, they do not play too many sessions, and who do not like the external confusion.

The William Hill Bingo celebrates International Women’s Day March 6 between Thursday and Sunday 9 marzo. To celebrate this anniversary, the site has created a series of special bingo games with folders only 5 cents! Here you can find all the details:

Paris Cafè : between 13 and 17, played at the â € œSpecial Law of the International Day of Donnaâ € ?? and you can have a chance to win the Bronze Jackpot.

Music Hall : between 20 and midnight, have fun with the game â € œNoi we DONNEA € |â € ??.Up for grabs will be the Jackpot Bronze.

BHotel : from 10 to 14, try to win the Jackpot Diamond with the game â € œFelice Day Donnaâ € ?? (Happy womenâ € ™ s Day)

Are you ready to receive a bonus 5â,¬? Players will receive a bonus at Bingo 5â,¬ 20â,¬ only spending real money to buy folders in a period from Monday 10 to Friday 14 March. This promotion is exclusively reserved for players who have an active account on William Hill Italy how do you play 21.

Be sure to pay a visit to the William Hill Bingo site for these special games and not lose € ™ s opportunity to get big wins!

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