26 Nov -

Special games at William Hill Bingo

The new William Hill of the 2014 season program sees € ™ s add some novelty to the calendar already full devoted to bingo.

William Hill Bingo is available every day in the dining room from 18 to 19 on the BHotel lobby.

The Aperitif games were designed for those who are just starting out in the Bingo Games and http://www.blackjack.org/resources/play-blackjack-for-real-money/ to have economic folders that you can buy with only 5 cents, and that does not take away the chance to win the Gold Jackpot.

Itâ € ™ import remind you that in the case of the match malfunction or technical problem, the ticket will be canceled and all funds will be returned to the players who have bought them.

Please note that the BHotel room of the William Hill looks like the more traditional and is suitable for players who prefer to play without haste, they do not play too many sessions, and who do not like the external confusion.

The William Hill Bingo celebrates International Women’s Day March 6 between Thursday and Sunday 9 marzo. To celebrate this anniversary, the site has created a series of special bingo games with folders only 5 cents! Here you can find all the details:

Paris Cafè : between 13 and 17, played at the â € œSpecial Law of the International Day of Donnaâ € ?? and you can have a chance to win the Bronze Jackpot.

Music Hall : between 20 and midnight, have fun with the game â € œNoi we DONNEA € |â € ??.Up for grabs will be the Jackpot Bronze.

BHotel : from 10 to 14, try to win the Jackpot Diamond with the game â € œFelice Day Donnaâ € ?? (Happy womenâ € ™ s Day)

Are you ready to receive a bonus 5â,¬? Players will receive a bonus at Bingo 5â,¬ 20â,¬ only spending real money to buy folders in a period from Monday 10 to Friday 14 March. This promotion is exclusively reserved for players who have an active account on William Hill Italy how do you play 21.

Be sure to pay a visit to the William Hill Bingo site for these special games and not lose € ™ s opportunity to get big wins!

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6 May -

William Hill Bingo Review

Mybet08.com is on of the industry’s biggest names digital dellintrattenimento and after many years outside the Italian market is finally available with all its products in the peninsula. This company has been around since 1994 and is one of the giants with regard to British sports betting. After deciding to expand its market even within the world of online casinos currently the platform is available in 21 different languages ​​and also operates within the Italian AAMS market.

After launching bingo platform in Italy is confirmed as one of the most interesting sites on the market.

William Hill Bingo has decided to use the client provided by Playtech and known as Virtual Fusion. You can use the bingo of this platform on Windows and Mac operating systems. You will have at your disposal three different games with the extraction of 90 numbers ( ‘Café Paris’, ‘Music Hall’ and ‘B’). Each of these products can be used in euro and completely in Italian.

Discover the William Hill Bingo Bonus

William Hill Bingo offers you a luxurious welcome with five Euros that await you in the bingo halls, you have to do is follow the registration process for a new account on this platform. Once this is done you will have to settle for the first time and the bonus will be available to you. The fun will begin immediately and the bonus will be awarded within approximately 48 hours after your first login in the bingo halls. There are special rules nor comlesse rules to be discovered and you will begin immediately try your luck with William Hill bingo.

Bonuses and Promotions

William Hill Bingo offers all bingo enthusiasts many options and special jackpot made available are incredible. Think for example of the Hall Paris Café offers a bonus of up to € 1000 and will a progressive jackpot known as Bingo Oro. If you play in the Hall Music Hall you will have each day different games that can start from a single penny and you will have the opportunity to aggiudicarvi Hit the Jackpot of € 500 and a very interesting value progressive jackpot called Bronze. Also in this room you will have a special event called the Midnight Concert and in this case you will have the chance to win jackpots available all in one go!

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

William Hill Bingo offers you different opportunities to withdraw and deposit your money. Among them you will find of course the most common methods such as credit cards and rechargeable cards: VISA, MasterCard, VISA Electron, POSTEPAY and different tools to manage your payments such as electronic wallets: PayPal, Neteller, MoneyBookers, ClickandBuy, Click2Pay, and different methodologies They are perfectly suited to every need.


The dining William Hill Bingo is definitely one of the best in Italy. A safe and professional platform with a high-quality software service and customer always available. The prize pools are high given that the community of users who participates allestrazione bingo is already a decent level. This company is among the best known and has earned the respect of the players over time. You alone to evaluate carefully The offer created from this site, and with the different bingo halls that with everything that’s being offered by William Hill every day.

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6 May -

Secret of the Stones New Slot Games NetEnt

The Secret of the Stones slot is a slot machine is not progressive, 25 pay lines and 5 reels, which has a maximum jackpot of 350,000 coins or Euro 3500 in real money. This production of Net Entertainment revolves around an ancient druid and a mysterious stone garden.

While playing this Slot Machine , you will hear many sounds and positive winning combinations.Unfortunately, will it take a poa € ™ before getting a higher payout to the value of your bet but, as with any other slot machines, big winnings mancano ⠀ “it just depends on luck.

Symbols â € “The game is a good example of slot machines with low variance. The Secret of the Stones slot features symbols of a deer, an owl, a bull, a snake and a wolf in the form of sacred stones. In addition to these regular icons, the game also has the Scatter and Wild symbols.

Stake levels â € “As with many other NetEnt slot, you can set different levels of bet in this game. You can play from one to twenty-five lines per spin, placing from one to ten coins per line Cona values 00:01, 12:02, 00:05, 00:10, 12:20 and 12:50.

Winning the Jackpot â € “The symbol of deer is the symbol of the Jackpot slot Secret of the Stones and allâ € ™ appearance of five of these symbols on any active line with only one token in the game, you will be assigned a 1,250 jackpot tokens.

Symbols of Rollers Standard â € “You will find symbols of the Owl, Toro, Wolf, Snake, 10, Â Jack, Queen, King and Ace dellâ € ™ on this slot.

Wild Symbols â € “The Shepherd symbol in Secret of the Stones slot, acts as a wild symbol and the next round of free spins other additional wild symbols will come into play.

Free Spins â € “you will be credited 10 free spins when you get during a normal round, three or more Scatter symbols in any position on the screen which will also give you the chance to play the bonus game explained below.

Bonus Game â € “Once you get 10 free spins are awarded for having achieved three or more scatter symbols, you will have the opportunity to choose the positions to reveal the prizes in a bonus game. During this slot machine game â € œscegli for rivelareâ € ??, you will increase your free 10 laps of any amount up to a maximum of 10, revealing symbols of gratuti laps or revealing a symbol of the multiplier that will be used for all tours remaining free.

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6 May -

Reel Rush The 5 Reel Video Slot Machine

The slot Reel Rush, one of the best video slot machines placed on the market this year. The player has a chance to win big with experiences never experienced in online casino. The game also features wild symbols and free spins, giving the possibility to obtain 3125 mode of winning. The rollers of Reel Rush offer you incredible payouts that increase at every turn.

Theme and graphics of the Game : The theme of Reel Rushâ “¢ slot machine provides you with graphic style and immersive sound effects with animations that will be pasted to the screen. Many winnings that await you with free spins and the opportunities will be there.

The fun of the Reel Rushâ “¢ is endless and there motivatedfrom immediately.

Wild : The Wild symbols of Reel Rushâ “Â ¢ slot machines offer you more opportunities to win as it will be more easier to get winning combinations.

You can see the wild symbols appear on the second and fifth reel in the standard and in the free spins game.

New Tours : The new tours offered by Rush Reel slots offer you the emotions that you would expect and in fact will be even 5 free spins to be won and you will see the shape of the rolls change. Each new game will offer you two different locations within the rollers and you will see the clouds dissolve offering two symbols that will help in the search for winning combinations. Your winnings will be so more and more conspicuous.

Free Spins : If you get a winning combination in the fifth round will get 8 free spins and do not forget the 3125 chance of winning that are offered by this slot machine.

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6 May -

75 Ball Bingo

There are different types of bingo and one of them is what is called 75 ball bingo. If you still have no idea how to play 75 ball bingo then you do not know what you’re missing. It is a very fun and exciting game. Some consider it as the best in comparison to the traditional game or other types of bingo.

As the name suggests, the game includes 75 balls. You will be given the same bingo cards consist of 25 squares which are arranged in a grid of 5 x 5. The bingo letters serve as a label for each column. The center is considered as free space. A group of balls is assigned to each letter. The column B can comprise any number from 1 to 15. The next can understand the balls 16 to 30. So on until you reach the letter O and the number 75.

You can choose from many schemes to win at 75 ball bingo but there are three common. One of these is the COVERALL or more commonly known as BLACKOUT scheme. Itâ € ™ the case where all the balls of the folders are marked. The number will be flashed on the call board. It is randomly extracted. In the case of online bingo halls, a balls of random generation system is used to ensure that players get unbiased quote.

Once the balls are drawn, always check your card to see the combinations. Almost all of the 75 ball bingo that are online have an automatic system to highlight your portfolio, the chà © makes everything easier and without confusion. Itâ € ™ This is the advantage of online play.

In order to win, you’ll be the first players to have the 75 ball bingo pattern. The free square in the center is considered as a wildcard that is automatically win every time that a schema 4 balls through it. All this if you are forming a horizontal pattern, vertical or diagonal. Almost every 75 ball online bingo has a chat system. What allows you to send messages to other participants in the game. If you decided to join a good site, you will be given the big bonus prizes and large jackpots. You can no more € ™ know so many people from around the world while you play 75 ball bingo.

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6 May -

80 Ball Bingo

For players of bingo enthusiasts, a new type of game that you will surely love is the 80 ball bingo. This new game has definitely brought enthusiasm among many of the bingo fanatics. All in comparison to other games such as 75 ball bingo that has many fans and 90 ball bingo that maybe he has too many. The 80 ball bingo is just perfect.Itâ € ™ decidedly unâ € ™ vanguard among online bingo games in the world.

This game is considered different because © does not use the traditional bingo cards. It uses only folders often call â € œShutter boardsâ € ?? folders with window.When bingo balls are called, all you have to do is close the window to cover them.No need to mark them as is done in the traditional game. Each Bingo ticket has four rows and four columns. Each is characterized by a different color can be red, yellow, blue or silver.

Itâ € ™ easy to play online 80 ball bingo. All you need is to buy the Bingo ticket by clicking the breeder. No matter how many cards as you like to play. Buy her is simple as clicking on the button to € ™ s purchase. Shows the message â € œacquistatoâ € ?? If you have made € ™ s purchase of successfully folder. Once purchased folders, you can start playing. For this type of game call table is pretty much the same bingo in 75 balls. Either way, the 80 ball bingo has some small variations.

The 80 ball bingo has different patterns among which you can choose. Itâ € ™ far more than other types of bingo. The formats may vary from game to game. The game includes chart â € œFull Cardsâ € ?? which it is similar to the concept of blackout bingo in 70 balls and Bingo (Full House) in 90 ball bingo. There are other schemes such as those common diagonal lines, horizontal and vertical. There are also schemes â € œBig XA € ??, â € œdoppia rowA € ??, â € œlettera Sâ € ?? and many others. There are many chances to win this game.

The 80 ball bingo is clearly unâ € ™ addition to other online bingo games. This new type of variation adds fun and excitement when playing online bingo. There are so many websites that offer this type of game. Itâ € ™ best to choose one that allows you to win more prizes. There are also some websites that offer large jackpots. Be sure to play on a credible website.

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6 May -

90 Ball Bingo

Bingo is an easy game to play and occupies (relatively) short time but it’s a good pastime and it is also a good way to socialize. Lâ € ™ goal of Bingo is not to make money but to spend time and socialize with friends (though no one would object to the payout of a poa € ™ money). The 90 ball bingo is more casual than 75 © because the schemes to solve are more simple, although it occupies relatively more time.

The new version of the game is called 90 ball bingo because © this version is played using balls numbered from 1 to 90. These balls are used to obtain random balls which are then marked on the Bingo ticket. The Bingo folder used possesses 9 vertical and 3 horizontal rows and n columns.

They so form 27 square (9 x 3), but only 15 of them are filled with balls (usually between 1 and 90). Only 5 of the 9 squares of each row are filled with a number. The game begins with players who buy Bingo cards and mark the balls as they are extracted. The three basic patterns to be completed are the pattern in A Line (orizzonale completion of a row), in Two Lines (completion of two horizontal lines) and Bingo (Full House). The premiums will increase for each of these schemes with Bingo (Full House) that carries the highest prize (since it is the most difficult to achieve).

Individual players 90-ball bingo can buy up to 48 folders at a time. There are also special 6 € ™ s folders packs one, containing all the balls 1 to 90 (the player can mark the number regardless of the ball) so. As already mentioned, the game is immensely popular on the internet and is unâ € ™ important activity for women aged 20 to 25 years of age in the world. Given its immense popularity, the main sites like Yahoo !, MSN and AOL released the Internet versions of the game in these countries.

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